Happy Birthday Nanny!

My Nanny is one special lady!  On her 77th birthday our family got together to celebrate at Blue Springs Manor, an adorable little Bed and Breakfast in Vincent, AL.  We all had a great time playing a little guessing game about Nanny's life before enjoying a FANTASTIC dinner.  The banquet hall was covered in beautiful flowers and candles.  It was nice to be able to celebrate the matriach of our family and spend special time together.  I am very thankful that she has recovered from her surgery so well and was able to celebrate in this special event. 

Nanny has always been so very special to me.  She is the best grangmother any little girl (or grown woman, for that matter) could ever have.  As a little girl she was always in the kitchen cooking us something yummy and letting us help her in the process.  I have such fond memories of being in the kitchen with her shelling peas or icing cakes.  I can probably attribute any of what little cooking abilities I have to my Nanny.  Many summers my brother, sister, and I would spend days at a time at her house on "Betty Hill".  I loved being able to play out in the country as a kid. I will always remember going to church with her and stopping at the same gas station on the way to get the puffy peppermints I love even to this day.  She would always stop-even if it ran us late. 

Happy birthday my sweet Nanny!

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