My Allie

My sweet niece, Allie or "My Allie" as E calls her, wanted to come over and play with her little cousin and Aunt Ta Ta.  The girls had a fun time playing the Wii, tea party and watching Little Mermaid.  We made a huge pallet on the floor and of course Bella had to join in on the girly fun.  They played great together considering that Eleanor is almost 3 and Allie just turned 5.  They are at an age now that they can really enjoy playing together.  I'm sure they will only grow closer as they grow up.  They were so sweet to each other.  Every now and then one of them would go up to the other and give her a great big hug, then go back to playing.  They even got the giggles once and I have never seen Eleanor laugh so hard.  Allie had us all cracking up. 

Allie we love you and are so glad we were able to spend some time with you!

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