A little disappointed....

Going to the circus has become an annual event for us to share with Eleanor.  She has always loved all types of animals, but her favorites are elephants, horses, and tigers.  She loved the circus last year so we thought that she would love the circus again this year.  Not so much.  She had a blast before the show down on the main floor watching the elephant paint and enjoyed crawling through the large inflatable.  She even enjoyed the start of the show, but soon after she lost interest.  And I can't really blame her.  I lost interest too.  Maybe it was the boyish dragon theme or the fact that they showed more humans than animals (by far).  I hate to complain but we just didn't find it that thrilling this year.  Then again there is always next year!  Hey- what about a Princess Circus theme!  Now that she would LOVE!

Truth be told- I always have fun with our little family!

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