Eleanor's first ER visit

When Daddy got home Eleanor was playing in the living room.  The next thing we know she is doubled over holding her chest and left side saying, "Oh, oh,oh".  She was crying a cry we had never heard before with short breaths in between.  It was definitely not the "fit" cry that we were used to hearing from our 2 year old.  We decided to call the Paramedics to have her checked out.  She was still very upset and crying now saying, "poo-poo, poo-poo".  After she sat on the potty with no luck and continuing to cry, the paramedics arrived and checked her out.  They were asking lots of questions about her diet, medical history etc., but nothing seemed to draw a red flag as to the cause of the problem.  Immediately after they got her vitals she becomes EXTREMELY lethargic almost instantaneous.  Her eyes got big and sleepy and started to dialate and then began to roll back in her head.  That's when the EMT said ,"ok she is getting a little glassy eyed" and told us that she needed to get to Children's Hospital and called for the ambulance.  Mommy rode with Eleanor in the ambulance and the entire time she is just laying limp in my arms.  All of her vitals were fine, which was really scarying me seeing her in this condition.  Once we got to Children's were we taken back to her room.  The nurses wanted a urine sample and after failing to use the potty in the cup, she had to be cathaterized which was not fun for any of us.  The doctors and nurses ran multiple tests on her urine, feces, etc.  She had an x-ray and ultimately an ultrasound of her belly area.  During her x-ray she had another episode where she started screaming and holding her belly and then almost passing out.  The doctors and nurses called it intussusception a condition affecting mostly children that comes and goes quickly causing the intestines to fold over each other like a telescope followed by severe lethargy.  The ultrasound did not yield the results to support this, however, the doctors seemed to think that it could come and go sometimes fixing itself temporarily.  We are very thankful that they did not find something more serious, however; we are still watching her closely because there is a possibility that it could occur again. 

She was such a brave little girl after all she was put through.  She is mommy's tough little cookie. 
Thank you Jesus for helping us through this tough time and watching over my little girl.

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