Adventures in Preschool!!!

Eleanor's K2 class is awesome!  They have so many fun activities for the kids.  Throughout the day the kids enjoy Chapel (where they hear bible stories and sing songs), art, Tumblebus, and many others.  This year Eleanor will participate in Breakfast with Santa, book fairs, Pumpkin Patch, Children's Theatre, and the GRAND FINALE---GRADUATION!!!

Her class recently had an All About Me project where she and I collected some of her favorite pictures of her and her family and made a poster to present to her class.  She loves telling everyone about her All About Me poster.

The weeks of August 22nd-26th and August 29th- September 2nd were K2 color days, where each day the children studied a different color.  Here are a few pictures Mommy was able to get.

Monday was RED DAY!

 Tuesday was orange day and Wednesday was yellow day, but Eleanor just celebrated those days at home due to her tummy issues(see previous post).

Thursday was green day, but Mommy didn't have her camera.



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