Perdido Beach, Florida 2011 {Fun in the Sun}

Peridio Beach could not have been more perfect.  The temperatures averaged around 78-80 degrees during the day and around 60 or so at night with crystal clear blue skies every day.  We are so glad that we stayed down from the Spring Break crowds of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  Perdido Beach is low key and less crowded- just what we needed with our little ones.  Eleanor was a little apprehensive about the sand this year, which was quite surprising since she loved it last year.  She did enjoy playing in the sand but did not want sand to stay on her feet.  She would sit on the beach towels and wipe the sand off of her feet wimpering, "feet, feet".  She loved playing with her Cabbage Patch baby, shoveling the sand in and out of her sand bucket and reading her Ocean book.  While reading she would point to the water in the book and then point to the ocean.   During our lunchtime break from the sun one day, Eleanor was watching Dora The Explorer help save a sea turtle.  When Eleanor heard Dora say that they needed help she shouted, "Uh-oh, Emergency!"  Eleanor spotted the turtle on tv and immediately ran to her book, opened the page to the sea turtle and pointed to the tv and the book saying, "tuttle, tuttle". It is amazing to me that she is already making real life connections to text. 

Eleanor enjoyed the ocean most of all.  When we first went to the beach she would not walk out to the ocean because of the sand so daddy dug a canal leading to our towels so she could play in the water.  What a sweet daddy!  She loves it when daddy takes her out into the water and the waves crash behind them.  She finds this quite hilarious.

Ya know, I'm not sure if she laughs at the waves or the fact that she has convinced a grown man to get into freezing cold water....hmmm.

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