Perdido Beach, Florida 2011 {Dolphin Cruise}

We loaded up the whole gang for a dolphin cruise going mostly along the intercoastal waterways and out into the Gulf for what seemed like less than one mile.  Eleanor did not like wearing her life jacket, but fortunately I was able to get a few pics of her wearing it before she wanted it off.  About an hour and a half in to the trip the captain spotted a group of about 4 dolphins including one little calf.  It was adorable.  I had seen dolphins before but never a little baby.  The captain said that he was probably about one year old.  As our boat would speed up the dolphins would follow our wake and jump over the waves landing on their backs in the water.  They put on quite a show for us.  Eleanor kept pointing at them saying, "see fish, see fish" or "look at that!"

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