Perdido Beach, Florida 2011

A few beach pics from our trip to Perdido Beach, Florida with cousin Brody.

 Sweet cousins

 Eleanor trying to give Brody a kiss.

Eleanor Olivia is 21 months and Brody James is 15 months old.  Brody is my brother, Brandon's son. They had a wonderful time playing together during our vacation.  Eleanor is like a big sister to him.  She loves to help him and share her toys and books with him.  Every now and then we would see her quietly walk over and give him a hug and a kiss while no one was watching, then she was back to whatever she was doing before. This is not unlike her at all.  She is such a loving child.  She will often get up from play to come over and give mommy or daddy a kiss and a big squeeze around the neck and then go back to whatever task she was performing at the time.  I guess she just needs her fix from us and then she is back to business.  She often kisses you and makes a big, "moooah" sound as she is doing it.   She is mommy's Little Angel and daddy's Itsy Bitsy. 

We fall more in love with her everyday.   I can't put into words what it feels like to have the most precious gift wrapped up in your arms, calling you Mommy, telling you she loves you.  What did I ever do to deserve this love?

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