Campers have S'more fun!

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend at Tannehill.  Chris's parents took their camper down on Thursday and we went Friday night and stayed through Sunday.  It was just what Mommy needed.  We found some cute things for Itsy Bitsy at Trade Days and enjoyed just hanging out.  Eleanor learned a variety of words on this camping trip including Papa, Stacey, duck and "tain"(train).  She was definitly a "Papa's girl" this weekend.  She let him to hold her and get her to sleep.  I don't think he wanted to put her down.  She was all about her Papa.

Daddy putting her toes in the creek by the grist mill.

Wagon ride through Tannehill.

The water was really cold at the bubbling springs.

"Papa your phone gets excellent coverage to be in the middle of nowhere."

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