Eleanor's 12 month checkup

Eleanor had her 12 month checkup with Dr. Mays on June 2nd.  Eleanor weighs 19 lbs. and 2 ozs., putting her in the 20th percentile in weight.  I knew that she had not gained much in the last few weeks, mostly due to her being sick.  The transition from baby food to table food has not been easy and probably contributed to her not gaining much weight also.  She is 29 1/4 inches long and in the 50th percentile for height.

Dr. Mays was very impressed with Eleanor's walking and talking.  Eleanor was all over the room during the checkup so Dr. Mays got to see firsthand how she walks/runs.  She was extremely impressed with her ability to string multiple words together.  For instance, Eleanor often says, "No Bell", or "Hey Bell".  (Bell is for Bella our puppy dog- we usually call her Bell Bell.)

Dr. Mays was also glad to hear that Eleanor was off the bottle, paci, and formula and that she was eating table foods.  I explained to Dr. Mays that Eleanor is only eating a limited number of table foods, which is mostly chicken and bread, but she was not worried about it, encouraged me to keep trying, and told me to supplement with veggie baby food.  She is an excellent pediatrician and is always so encouraging and thorough.  I am always so pleased with our choice to use Redmont Pediatrics.

Some other tidbits about my one year old.................................
  1. She loves to run and climb.
  2. She loves to eat bread and chicken fingers.
  3. She does so great in her stroller and everyone comments on how laid back she is in it.
  4. She has begun recognizing herself in pictures and when I ask her who is in the picture she will say, "Me".
  5. She usually backs away from whatever she is into when I tell her, "no".
  6. When she gets mad because she doesn't like the veggies I put on her tray she throws them in the floor or somewhat discretely drops them when mommy isn't looking.
  7. She thinks that everyone(even strangers) should talk to her and will tell them, "hey", until they do.
  8. She loves to dance.
  9. She oftens sits with her leg propped up.
  10. Whenever someone's phone rings she puts her hand to her ear and says, "hey", as if they were calling her.

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