An Alabama Adventure......

Yeah, we finally made it to Alabama Adventures!  Mommy has been wanting to go for some time, but the weather kept calling for storms.  Well, we finally saw a break in the weather and it couldn't have turned out better!  Eleanor loved the water and would splash and laugh.  She didn't get upset when she got splashed by others.  She did great!  I am so glad she kept her cute little hat on to shield her from the sun- she looked adorable!  We all had a blast.  It is amazing to me how after you have a child you see the same things in a much different light.  It's like your seeing it for the first time through a child's eyes.  I loved just sitting in the water and sun playing with my little girl.  She is so amazed by everything around her and she just lights up to see something new or different.  She amazes me in return.  So glad I got to spend time and have fun with my little girl!  Daddy got us season passes so we will be back soon!

Pop showed me some of the water toys.


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