Crazy hair! (17 weeks)

Eleanor has the funniest hair when she gets out of the bath tub.  It has a lot of curl to it, although once I brush it it lays flat.  It is still very fine and often difficult to put in a bow.  But Mommy sure does try!  She does have a lot of hair though.  I am still surprised that she hasn't lost any since birth.  So many people told us that she would lose her hair but she hasn't.  I'm glad.  I love her hair!  I love to put bows and headbands in her hair.  It makes her look girly.  Chris and I still have conversations about what she will look like.  Will her hair really turn red?  Will it be thick?  Will her eyes stay blue like Mommy's?  Will she be tall like Chris' dad's side of the family or short like our mom's?  Will she be a girly girl or a Daddy's girl or both?  I can't wait to find out!

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