Round 3 recap

Round 3 info:
April 13th-May 14

Round 3 was full of ups and downs.  Eleanor did well receiving her chemotherapy with little sickness.  Dr. Watts allowed us to go home for 2 days in between chemo and her counts dropping.  It was a beautiful 2 days at home full of bike riding, go cart riding, and chalk painting.  We had a blast spending that time together. We returned to room 812, the one with a great view of Regions Field, Railroad Park, and the trains.  Unfortunately Eleanor had a sever reaction to her platelet transfusion resulting in vomiting, fever, and hives.  Later that day she began feeling better and we enjoyed watching the Barons win and celebrate with fireworks from our grand view from 812.  During round 3 Eleanor was able to enjoy many activities at COA including the Spring Fling and Zoo Friends.  May 5th was the Hueytown Relay for Life event.  That afternoon Chris and I spoke at the Survivors Dinner before joining the rest of Team Tiny at Gilmore-Bell stadium for the event. It was an emotional evening honoring those currently fighting Cancer and remembering those who lost their battles. I'm thankful for the many friends and family that were there with us offering hugs and encouraging words. Chris and I both felt your love and support.  It helps knowing you have so many people who love you and are praying for you and especially Eleanor.

Round 3 info:
*5 days of chemo~high dose Cytarabine 2x/day
*2 platelet transfusions
* 1 blood transfusion
* 30 days in the hospital

Eleanor loves taking pictures with Mommy's camera.
Our sweet Child Life Specialist, Katie 
Katie and Lindsey, a Child Life Specialist from the ER that we me when we were admitted. 

COA-Spring Fling 

Making Mommy a Mother's Day card 

Happy Cinco de Mayo from "Mr. Gonzalez" as Eleanor called herself! 

Fun with Birmingham Zoo 

Enjoying a nice bike ride before going back to the hospital. 

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