Happy 6th Birthday Eleanor!

We were all so happy to be at home for Eleanor's 6th birthday.  Unfortunately due to her treatment schedule and low ANC we were not able to have a big birthday party like we usually do.  We invited all the grandparents over for some yummy Edgar's birthday cake.  All Chris and I have heard since Eleanor's 5th birthday party is how she wanted her 6th birthday party to be a Frozen theme.  Mommy bought every Frozen decoration she could find to make this birthday SUPER special. Because they knew they couldn't get too close to Eleanor due to her low immune system, some of our family drove by our house in a "Birthday Parade" with signs, Frozen music, and balloons.  Eleanor was AMAZED!  It was by far her favorite part of her birthday.  Eleanor had a great time opening presents and playing with her new toys before being admitted for her final round of chemo 3 days later.

Happy birthday Eleanor!
We love you so much!

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