A Letter to My a Daughter on her 6th Birthday

Dear Eleanor,

Wow! Another year already?!?  Who knew what this year would hold....
You are so many things to us we couldn't name them all, but this year more than ever you are BRAVE.  You have overcome obstacles no child should ever be faced with, but you have CONQUERED.  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you.

Proud of your COURAGE.
Proud of your STENGTH.
Proud of your HUMOR, through it all.

We are incredibly thankful to God for giving us another year with you.  And despite the obstacles this has been a great year!  You make us so happy with your keen sense of humor, silly pranks, and playfulness.  What could have been a dark time in our lives has been filled with JOY because of you and God's amazing grace.  The truth is you bring joy to everyone that spends even a moment with you, nurses, doctors, clowns, musicians, teachers... you make them all smile. You have encouraged and uplifted so many people this year with your bravery and strength.  You are such an inspiration.  I can't help but be reminded of the time that your Daddy and I dedicated you to the Lord, praying for his will in your life, praying for him to use you in a mighty way....and He has already at 6 years old!

Happy birthday Mommy's Angel!

We love you forever Tiny!
Mommy and Daddy

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