Our First Disney Trip: Epcot

We started our day at Epcot with a character breakfast at Akershus.  We enjoyed the Storybook Breakfast with the Princesses there, which was truly one of the best parts of our trip and certainly one of the best restaurants we visited.  Characters at this restaurant included Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Ariel.  During the breakfast, the princesses took all of the little girls on a Princess Procession around the restaurant.  Eleanor enjoyed leading the way with Snow White and waving to all of the guests.  She was beaming during our entire visit here.

The Epcot park was full of history which Daddy and I really enjoyed.  It was a beautiful cool day of walking and enjoying the sites of the international pavilions at the World Showcase.  Some of our favorites included the Spirit of America Drum Corp, the American Adventure, and the AWESOME fireworks show across the water later that night.

Eleanor enjoyed visiting the Mexico pavilion and riding the Three Caballeros boat ride.  We also met Mulan in China where Eleanor got several pictures doing her "Warrior" pose.  This was also one of our favorite moments.  Just as the photographer and I are taking pictures of a very "still and smiling" Eleanor, she breaks out into kicks and punches.  Mulan was such a great sport.  She joined Eleanor in her fun and showed her some new warrior moves as well. 

Watching Eleanor shyly approach the characters grinning ear to ear all the while, then sweetly hugging them before getting her picture taken- it was so much fun to watch!

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