Reading to Mommy (Winnie the Pooh Book of Opposites)

Eleanor has always enjoyed reading before bed.  Chris and I often limit her nighttime reading because she loves it so much she would never actually fall asleep.  (She gets this one from me.  I could stay up all night to finish a good book.)  One of her new favorites is Winnie the Pooh Book of Opposites.  As you will see in the video she is able to read words based on their illustrations.  The last word pair is awake and asleep.  You will notice that she skips the last one and when I call her attention back to the word she uses the clues from the illustration to "read"  the word, "asleep", as "nighttime".  I am so proud that she is able to transfer meaning from the illustration to the text!  My teacher heart is bursting with pride! 

Oh, and when she stops in the middle of reading, looks at me with those big blues eyes and tells me she loves me.....melt. my. heart.

More reading videos to come......

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