Fun times at the McWane Science Center! (pictures and movies)

On June 22, we made a trip to the McWane Science Center with Grandma and Brody.  The kids had a great time exploring in the new Dora and Diego exhibit.  There they helped care for stuffed animals by taking xrays, checking their temperatures, bathing and drying them, and diagnosing their illnesses.  Eleanor really loved that!  I overheard her say once, "Jaguar it is going to be ok".  She also loved playing in Isa's Garden where she planted flowers, raked soil, and watered the plants.  There were so many neat attractions in the Dora and Diego exhibit.  There was also a pirate ship where the kids could count the gold coins in the treasure chest.  She has a great imagination and could play like this for hours!  Eleanor is all about pirates lately so she spent a lot of time there.  Diego also had a rainforest for the kids to play in where they could swing from branches, rock climb, and identify rainforest plants and animals. So much fun!  Of course we also enjoyed the regular exhibit halls as well.  There is always so much to see and play with!  The shark tank is always a favorite.  Mommy and Eleanor even got to pet the back of a Bottlehead shark as it swam by us in the tank. She thought that was awesome!

Diego's Pirate Ship 

Isa's Garden 

Dora's Spaceship 
Diego's Rainforest 

Eleanor's Shark Video

Dora Puzzle Video

Making My Own Constellation Video

Big Slide Video

ARIBA! Video

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