Fireworks over the Gulf {Panama City Beach FL}

We typically schedule our vacation for the last week in June, but with the 4th of July falling midweek it made more sense for Andy to take the week of the fourth off for vacation.  Our trip this year was the first time we have been at the beach during the 4th of July and I must admit that before coming here I was a little anxious about the crowds.  Much to our surprise it was only slightly more crowded if any.  The first part of the week we really didn't see any difference than previous vacations.  On the fourth however it did get pretty crowded at the beach but never overly so.  We really enjoyed going down there during this time of the year.  Watching the fireworks over the Gulf could not have been more beautiful.  Lucky for us our condo on the third floor offered us views of both piers that were shooting the fireworks so we could see both shows at the same time.  Eleanor did not care for the loud booms of the fireworks this year.  Earlier that evening the Aqua staff put out speakers near the beach access area playing patriotic music to go along with the fireworks.  It was a beautiful and memorable 4th of July!

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