Eleanor's Beach Birthday party!

We all had a BLAST at Eleanor's 3rd birthday party!  The weather was perfect for a beach birthday bash!  It was 96 degrees by midafternoon. Of course the kids didn't mind since they were splashing and cooling off in the cold water.  Chris grilled hotdogs, we enjoyed Eleanor's sandcastle cake, and even some of the adults went down the waterslide. Eleanor had the best time.  After only a couple of trips down the waterslide with an adult, she was ready to do it by herself!  She got more and more brave with each trip up the ladder.  By the end of the day she was going down face first riding on her daddy's back! 

We are so thankful to have all of our family and friends enjoy this special day with us.

Ready for our guests!

"mommy is this really sand?" 


Aunt Leslie 

Opening presents!  

More slide fun. 

Mommy kinda wiped out! 

All the kids had such a great time! 

SO much fun! 

Logan and Grady  
Climbing by herself.... 
Daredevil Eleanor going backwards!


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