A Trip with Cousin Brody to Alabama Adventures

Eleanor and her cousin, Brody, had a fantastic time at Alabama Adventures.  We have season passes so we have been visiting the park a lot this summer.  Eleanor has become quite familiar with the water toys and slide.  Her confidence in the water kinda scares me a little.  She did wear her Puddle Jumper for most of the day and her wearing that certainly makes me feel better about her being in the water, however;  I do think that there are times when she doesn't need to wear it so she can experience and understand what being in the water without it is like.  She needs to know that it can be dangerous and that she needs to be careful.

I think Brody's favorite part was the Lazy River.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of him laying back relaxing and just floating.  Eleanor, of course, was swimming and splashing around and Brody was relaxing and enjoying the float.

We were glad that Brody and Grandma were able to go with us and have a good time. 

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