Eleanor's new napmat for daycare

Mommy is so sad that summer is almost over and that Itsy Bitsy will be starting back to daycare soon. Mommy has already had a couple of crying spells just thinking about not being able to spend everyday with her.  We have had a blast this summer and Eleanor has been able to experience so many new things.  I love that I can take this time and spend it with her.  I know that she will be excited about going back to daycare and seeing her friends and teachers again.  She is such a big girl and always transitions well back into daycare.  I must say that I am a little concerned that she may not do as well this fall.  She has been super attached to Mommy this summer. Although I do enjoy that, it might make it a little harder to transition this year.

Eleanor will be starting back to daycare in the next few weeks and was in need of a big girl nap mat.  Once she saw it, she wanted it open and immediately put it in the floor to lay on it.  Then she went and got her "Finding Nemo" dvd and said, "I watch it?" as she crawled into her nap mat.

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