Mommy's Graduation!

Yeah, I finally graduated!  For the past two years I have been working towards my Master's degree in Education.  It has been a long and often difficult road, considering that I was pregnant throughout some of the toughest times in the program.  You can't imagine how proud of myself I am for doing this.  As I sat in the Bartow Arena I almost got emotional thinking about how hard I had to work to get to this point.  It wasn't easy finishing school with a little one.  I couldn't have done it without all the help from our families and especially Chris.  No matter how stressed out I was I didn't have to worry because he was taking care of things for me.  He was always there to help with Eleanor so I could finish my work.

It made me proud that Eleanor was in the stands looking on.  Chris said she did great, but of course I worried about her the whole time anyways.  As I sat there I couldn't help but think, "I think this is the last time I will sit here".  I do not forsee myself going back to school any time soon.  IF I go back it will most likely be for school counseling.  I told Chris that I think this was it for me and UAB and he said that as he sat in the stands he kept thinking it wasn't his last time, that he wanted to go back.  AHHHHH!!!  Will we ever be finished with school?  We agreed that we would definitely build a house first and let Eleanor get a lot older before he went back.

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