Highlights from Eleanor's First Christmas

Eleanor had a great first Christmas! Of course it was a very busy time but we all had a blast! It was really nice to be able to share traditions that have been around forever with our little one for the first time. Chris and I wanted her to experience all the special traditions that make Christmas so special for us each year. This Christmas was even more special because we had our little girl to share it with. This year Chris and I were able to really celebrate Christmas as if we were kids again. It's amazing that after you have a child it really isn't about you anymore- and that's kinda nice! I found myself helping her open her gifts while others kept telling me that mine were still under the tree. I wasn't thinking about what I had. I wanted to see what she was opening! She was hilarious opening her gifts Christmas morning at our house. After she (halfway) unwrapped her toys she would start playing with them-totally disregarding the wrapping paper or boxes- she wanted the toy out of the box to play with immediately! Her little face would light up when she would open the gifts but she became especially excited when she opened her clothes! Her whole face lit up with a huge grin and her eyes got really big. It was hilarious! I told her daddy that he was going to have a shopper on his hands! She is such a girly girl already!  Eleanor turned 7 months old on Christmas day and even though she will never remember it I think she had a great first Christmas!  (Mommy has enough pictures to prove it!)
We hope that your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!
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