Round 4 recap

Round 4 lasted from May 26- June 27th

Round 4 was the best round ever-because it was the LAST and also because our sweet Cora made her grand entrance during this time.  But it didn't begin on time as the others did.  We were supposed to begin on May 19th but with an ANC of only 700 at clinic we were sent home again until May 26th.  This meant we were able to spend Eleanor's birthday at home! Day 1 was quite exciting as Eleanor's central line to her heart had to be repaired.  Talk about a scary situation!  After doing a chest X-ray it was determined to only have torn on the outside of the central line requiring only a slight repair from the doctors who install them.  Round 4 was a fairly easy round for Eleanor although she was receiving a new chemo called "the smurf" in addition to her Cytarabine.  We weren't sure how she would do with this new chemo as it is known for being slightly harsher than the others.  Eleanor did great with it, no vomiting and only slight nausea.  Most of this round Eleanor played with her new friends, Adamari and Emma Hope.  I'm thankful she has made sweet friends to help keep her mind off the reality of what's going on. 

This round was a little harder for Mommy as Ms. Cora increased in size the last few weeks before her July 4th due date. Sleeping on an air mattress didn't help either but we did what we needed to do to keep our family all together.  On June 27th Eleanor was discharged from Children's, I was discharged from UAB, and Daddy was EXHAUSTED!  We all came home together as a family-something only God could have worked out.

Round 4 info:
*33 days in the hospital
*6 days of chemo
*16 chemo doses

Playing with Adamari and learning a little Spanish.
Crazy Rae!
Bad Cole!
Sweet Marla!
Nurse Eleanor
Fun with Emma Hope

Pulling our little friend Bryce in the wagon with his puppy.
Eleanor's Animal Parade with Katie 
A visit to the garden on the 6th floor with Cole and Katie.
Making tie dyed tshirts with Camp SAM

The Smurf
We love making tents!
A little golf- princess style

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