More info about Eleanor's AML

During Eleanor's relapse more genetic testing was done on Eleanor's DISEASED CELLS. These are the LEUKEMIA CELLS ONLY.  Within these cells testing revealed a mutation of her cancer cells that is seen in some ALL and chronic AML cases that is believed to cause rapid and uncontrolled replication.  This is possibly why Eleanor's leukemia came back so fast, but this is not completely understood. Dr. Kutny explained Eleanor's leukemia in great detail, answering many questions that both Chris and I had regarding the cause, Cora's chances of acquiring the disease, and outcomes.  

Did Eleanor inherit her leukemia from either of our families?
No, because no one on either side of your family has had childhood leukemia.  Eleanor's type of leukemia is not " passed down" through generations.

Did some combination of genes from Chris and I create or make Eleanor's leukemia?
No, it is not completely understood the cause, but is believed to have both developmental and environmental factors that cause a cancer cell to form.   Leukemia was caused when her body did not recognize this cell as bad and allowed it to duplicate itself continuously.

Does Cora have an increased risk of developing leukemia now that her sister has had it?
Yes, she is 2 times as likely since they share some genetic makeup, however; the chance of her developing it is EXTREMELY RARE, as it was for Eleanor.  The chance of a child to develop AML is about 1 in a million so twice that is 2 in a million. This is not something to worry about and is another reason we must trust God in this journey.

There is still so much to learn about Eleanor's type of leukemia and how the chemotherapies used effect the heart.  Because Eleanor's treatment has been a part of a research study, her journey will provide valuable information regarding the treatment of AML.

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