Cora is 3 months old!

Our sweet Cora is now 3 months old!  We did not have a 3 month check up with her pediatrician but Mommy and a few nurse friends were very curious about her weight so we weighed her on one of the baby scales up on 8th floor at COA.  At 3 months old, Cora weighs 13.8 lbs!  We knew she had gained a good bit based on the size of her sweet baby rolls. She eats 5 oz. every 3-4 hours.  Baby girl LOVES to eat!  She wears size 1 diapers and 3 months in clothes.  She has started sleeping through the night.  She is not able to stay with us overnight at the hospital while we are in PICU, so she has been staying with Chris's Aunt Sybile.  She is able to come visit during the day for short periods of time.  We miss our sweet girl and cannot wait for the day we are all together again.  

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