Round 2 recap

Compared to round 1- round 2 was MUCH, MUCH smoother.  Chris, Eleanor, and I had a much better understanding of what to expect and began to settle in to a routine while living at the hospital.  Her chemo regimen changed slightly; however, she received the same TYPES of chemo.  This round she only received chemo for 8 straight days instead of 10 like the first round.  We enjoyed many fun COA activities including the Candy land event, Easter egg hunt, crafts with the Child Life Specialists, and St. Patrick's Day.

Round 2 info:
*1 spinal tap with chemo
* 24 doses of chemo over 8 days
*2 blood transfusions
*2 platelet transfusions
* light itchy rash on Day 12 covering her body, a reaction from her Cytarabine chemo, lasted  3 days
*Day 13- high fever develops as a side effect of chemo, Eleanor begins to cough, nurses run to get Epipen in case she is anaphalaxing, thankfully they did not need to use it, nurses bring ice packs for her to lay on, fever calms after 30 minutes of taking additional Tylenol, monitored closely for the remainder of the night

*craft fun with our Child Life Specialists

* became neutropinic on Day 14 and began antibiotics and Microfungin as preventatives
Day 31- We're HOME!

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