Little Miss or Little Mr., a Brother or a Sister......

On February 3rd we found out that Eleanor would have a little SISTER!

That afternoon I went to my ultrasound alone while Daddy stayed with Eleanor.  Thankfully my doctor is just a crosswalk away from COA.  I had the ultrasound technician keep the gender a secret while she checked over our sweet baby and put the results in an envelope.  Afterward a good friend of ours, Emanual, took the results to get a little surprise together and met us back at Eleanor's room.  She was thrilled to see the pink baby bottle and pink Hershey kisses!  Grandparents came in later and Eleanor shared her big news!

We were all so very excited but Eleanor especially, as she has been praying for a little sister for 2 and a half years!  She has always told us about how she would take great care of a little sister, share her toys and her clothes, and teach her how to try new foods.  :) Of course we will see if that changes once our sweet baby arrives.

We have decided as a family to name her CORA ISABELLA.  We finally reached this decision after much debate from Eleanor who wanted to name her Cora Noel.  I wanted to give her two family names just like our Eleanor Olivia.  Cora was Chris's great grandmothers name on his dad's side and Isabella was a family name from my mom's side of the family dating back to the 1600's in Scotland.  

Mommy is extremely thankful that she has kept EVERY stitch of Eleanor's clothing up to 3 years plus a few favorites.  

We can't wait to meet our precious Cora Isabella!

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