A Letter to My Daughter on her 5th Birthday

Our sweet angel turned 5!
Dear Eleanor,
Five years old and starting school soon, this just can't be real.  You are our pride and joy; our very heartbeat!  Life with you is so much more fun filled with laughter and surprises that make us smile everyday.  We are so thankful you are ours!  This year you enjoyed K4 fun at First Baptist Preschool, your second year of dance, riding a REAL train for the first time, and another great year in Mission Friends and Preschool Choir.  And, we took our first trip to DISNEY WORLD!

Here are some of your favorite things to do:

  • play dress up
  • jump on your trampoline
  • ride your go cart around the neighborhood
  • play with Ella
  • read books
  • play with your stuffed animals
  • eat the icing off of cupcakes
  • swim
  • play in the sprinkler
  • watch princess movies
  • write stories
  • play with Bella
  • carry toys wherever you go
  • drink vanilla milkshakes
You are such a sweetheart!  You are so kind and gentle to others.  You are a great friend to so many from school and church.  You are inquisitive and curious about how things work and ask us so many questions about life, God, and everyday things in your world.  You love to snuggle with us and spend time with all of your family.  You LOVE with your whole heart!  We are so very proud of you and love you more than words can sayl! 

Happy 5th birthday to our Itsy Bitsy, Tiny, Angel!

Love you forever,
Mommy and Daddy

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