Our BIG snow!

Wow! Another beautiful snow.  Honestly, the most beautiful snow I think I have ever seen.  The snow measured 5-6 inches in most areas of our front and back yard.  The street was beautifully covered in a white blanket of thick glistening snow. GORGEOUS.

More snow meant more time with my little Tiny.  Love these little surprise opportunities to spend time with my sweet girl.  We enjoyed 3 wonderful days off from school to play in the snow meeting up with our neighbors for sledding, snowman building, snow angels, and of course snow ball fights!  We had so much fun with our neighborhood friends!

Playing with Hallie, Houston, and Grady 

Daddy, Marie, Garrett, and a few others enjoyed sledding behind the golf cart as Brad pulled them around the neighborhood.  It was hilarious to watch.

Gotcha Mommy 

Snow Bunny 

Bella wasn't so sure about all the snow.  
Poor thing probably had a little bit of a hard time walking in it seeing as her 
entire legs were beneath the snow. 

 Early morning...beautiful 

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