A Visit to Cloudland Canyon 2013

Our annual family trip to Cloudland Canyon was as much fun as it always is!  We visited the park a little earlier in the year than usual but it was still as nice as ever.  Eleanor really enjoyed playing with her cousins this trip.  Some of her cousins are a few years older than her but were very sweet to include her in their activities.  She had a blast hiking the trails, riding and pulling the wagon, and playing at the park with her cousins.  Of course our cousin, Debra, brought lots of yummy treats and goodies for the kids to eat and play with.  You can always count of her to entertain the kiddos. 
New to the family tradition this year was Nana and Papa's little puppy, Chance.  Eleanor really enjoyed playing with him and watching him run around, although she was not as enthused by the end of the day. 
Days like this remind me of how special our families really are. I am so thankful to have married in to such a close family that still enjoys coming together.  I hope that Eleanor stays close to her sweet cousins throughout the years and they continue this wonderful tradition.

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