Eleanor's first "real" haircut

I am often amazed at the maturity of my child.  I am not saying that she doesn't ever pitch a fit (SHE IS REALLY GOOD AT THAT) but when faced with new situations and challenges she is a CHAMP!  To some kids, going to get their first haircut would seem scary. 
New place, new person, SCISSORS.  I can totally understand. 
Eleanor just sat there and let the hair stylist cut her hair and style it, never once acting like it was a big deal.  I am so proud of that!  She doesn't get that from me- let me tell you!  Now, I will be the first to tell you and you can probably tell from the pictures that she was not thrilled about going, but never once did she complain.  She is growing and maturing so much everyday.  I am wondering where my little baby went.  I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming! 
She is beautiful- INSIDE and OUT!

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