Dance Class Sneak Peek

Eleanor has been taking a combination dance class every week starting in August. The class includes ballet, tap, and baton.  Telling you she loves taking dance would be a huge understatement-  THIS GIRL ADORES DANCING!  She is a TUTU wearing, tap dancing, ballet shoe toes pointing, little dancer girl!  Mommy did not know the extent of her love of dance until the parents were FINALLY able to watch them. 

Wow, what a show she put on!  Ok, so I am not saying that she followed every direction given by her teacher or had the best "form".  As you can tell in the videos she clearly did not, but I must admit it is quite obvious the little girl enjoyed herself!  I certainly think she does rather well considering she is the youngest in her class.   I was also surprised (as was her teacher) that she was not shy in front of the other parents (and there were quite a few of us!).  Not once did she stop and come over to me or allow me to be any type of distraction for her as some of the others did.  I AM SO PROUD OF HER!

Of course Mommy took a ton a few videos of her dancing debut!

My Favorite...the HIP HOP DANCE!

Let's warm up!

As any good dancer would know, after you warm up and before you start to dance you must get the sillies out!

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