Happy birthday Grady/Spiderman!

 Eleanor had a great time at Grady's Spiderman birthday party.  Her little face was shocked to see him show up in person at the birthday party.  I wish I had a picture of her face.  I was all ready for the "shy, not going to talk or even look at him" response, but she completely surprised us.  She wanted to go talk to him and even let him pick her up to take a picture.  Mommy was SHOCKED!

Eleanor has been obsessed with Spiderman ever since Grady's birthday party.  She almost had us convinced that she should be Spider girl for Halloweeen (with a big fluffy tutu of course).  That was until she realized that Spider girl doesn't have big wings like the lady bug costume we saw!

 Eleanor and her friend Hallie had fun playing with their spiderman masks. Silly girls. 

The birthday boy! 

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