Horseback Riding at Uncle James's (Eleanor 3 years old)

Eleanor has always loved horses.  Her love for them only grew deeper after moving to our new house.  Most mornings before school we will spot them grazing near the fence in a field across from our subdivision.  Eleanor loves to wave at them and count them as we slowly drive by.

On Labor Day, we visited some of Chris's family in Oak Grove and Eleanor was finally able to ride one of their horses.  She was so excited and of course wanted to ride over and over again.  They took her for two or three short little rides while Daddy walked closely beside her.  Her Daddy rode with her once, but she preferred riding alone.  I was in complete shock of how fearless and brave she was- so unlike her Mommy!  I totally anticipate her asking to ride one of their horses every visit from now on-SHE LOVED IT!


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