A Nice Fall Day at Oak Mountain

What a fun day we had at Oak Mountain State Park!  Eleanor loved visiting her barnyard friends at the petting zoo.  We visited with the sheep, ducks, goats, horses and donkeys.  You can probably guess which were her favorite- the horses of course!  She also enjoyed feeding the goats and chasing watching the ducks waddle across the field.  Oh- and I forgot to mention the pigs.  We visited them as well, although Eleanor was not such a fan.  She said, " Mommy they are too fat!"  Eleanor was quite perplexed to see the goats eating anything and everything in sight including a ziploc baggy that one child dropped.  Eleanor said, "No goats,  you don't eat that!"  After visiting the petting zoo we decided to rent a canoe and take E out in the lake.  She loved it!  It was such a beautiful day with perfect weather for getting outside.  I love lazy-no plans-kinda days with my little family.  What a perfect Saturday!

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