Adventures in Preschool (K3)

Eleanor is very excited about starting back to school.  She has been talking about it for a couple of weeks now.  She keeps asking me if she will get to ride the school bus, but of course, she won't be able to for a couple more years (if mommy and daddy decide to let her- which isn't likely).  She has helped Mommy shop for school clothes and supplies and loves her new backpack.  We are very excited to be in Mrs. Marie's class this year at First Baptist.  Since Mommy had to start back to work on Monday, Eleanor got to spend the week with Mrs. Marie before her K3 class actually starts on the 20th.  Eleanor has loved being with Mrs. Marie this week and is looking forward to having all of her new classmates in her class next week.  On Friday, Eleanor had her first "official" Meet the Teacher, where we brought her school supplies and met the other students in her class.  We are both excited that Eleanor's friend from church is also going to be in her class this year.

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