Happy Father's Day

Eleanor has the best Daddy in the whole world!  He loves his little girl so much and always makes time for her even to do the silliest little things.  There's nothing he won't do for her- dress up, tea parties, play princesses (don't tell him I told you).  She can't wait for him to come home from work each day.  When she hears the garage door opening she knows it is him and takes off running to the door to wait on him.  Sometimes she "sneaks" up on him as he comes in the door of course giggling the entire time.  In the mornings she will ask, "Where is my Daddy? Oh wait, he is probably at work in his office.  He works so hard."  She is an absolute Daddy's girl.  She thinks she is supposed to go everywhere he goes and if she is not invited to go along she will say, "Daddy I go with you".  She is his little sidekick.

On the morning of Father's Day, our Preschool and Children's department sponsored Donuts for Dad's, where kids can come and eat breakfast with their daddies. It makes my heart melt to see the two of them together.  There is just something special between a daddy and his little girl.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!  We love you forever!
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