Eleanor's first swimming lessons

Eleanor is learning how to swim!  She has been doing great at her swim lessons at the Y.  She seems to really enjoy it.  Her teachers Ms. Christin and Ms. Camille make it so fun!  She has been learning to jump in and go under the water, how to hold her breath and go under, and how to kick and move her arms in the correct motions.  Honestly I was a little scared surprised that they let them go under, but she did great and never got upset or panicked.  She seems very comfortable in the water- almost a little too comfortable.  She certainly does not fear it by any means.  I think that she sees it as fun and not danger, which scares me a little- who am I kidding- it scares me a lot.  I think that it scares Daddy even worse because he isn't there.  He calls after each lesson to ask how she did and reminds me to keep an eye on her (as if my eyes aren't already glued on the child!).

This was the first year that Eleanor has taken swimming lessons.  She was in a group with 5 other kids ages 4 and 5.  She was the smallest and youngest out of the group, but still did great.  I think that next year she will likely take private lessons where she is not as easily distracted by others and the teacher can give her more one on one direction.  She of course loved being in the water and loved her instructors.  When the instructional time was over they would play with Eleanor and let her ride on their backs as they swam or play water games.  Eleanor loved that play time in the water.  After her final swimming lesson she was awarded a certificate and a special treat.  Eleanor was very proud of herself.

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