3 year old stats....

You are now 3 years old!   We went for your annual checkup with Dr. Mays and she was very impressed with how well you have developed since last year.  You now weigh 27 lbs. and 8 ozs. putting you in the 20% for weight.  You are 37 inches tall putting you in the 50% for height. You have been fully potty trained for 5 months having only 2-3 accidents a month.  You now sleep in a twin size bed and are doing great in your new bedroom in our new house.  Mommy is so very proud of you!

Things you love right now:  playing in WATER, rollerskating, climbing, asking questions (lots of questions), telling people your name and how old you are, chocolate pudding, Mickey Mouse yogurt, Chicken fingers (of course), coloring/painting, putting your animals in timeout, giving your animals a checkup with your doctor kit, giving lots of hugs, going to church, puzzles

Things you do not like right now: being told no, Bella getting your toys, having to come inside from playing, scary things on tv (especially witches), bugs (you are so your mother's daughter) or other creepy crawly things, leaving Allie after you have played (they both cry every time), when your toys are not right where you left them because Mommy cleaned up, when your bossy and people don't do what you say.

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