Fun at our Church Picnic!

We look forward to the annual NHBC church picnic.  This is a great time to be able to fellowship with our church family.  We are blessed to have so many great friends from church.  They are so many mommy's with little ones around Eleanor's age, so it makes it even more fun.  I am thankful to have friends that are experiencing the same trials of raising a child in this crazy world.  They are always there to listen when I need to share and give advice and counsel when I need some help.  It is a comforfting feeling to be able to just be real with people.

Eleanor of course has so many great friends from church and so many people just love her to pieces.  Eleanor will be moving up to the three year old group soon and we will definitely miss Mr. Rayme and Mrs. Alline.  They have been wonderful and have taken great care of Itsy Bitsy. I know that she will miss them.

Eleanor had a blast at the church picnic!  She played hard and actually got dirty and sweaty!  So unlike her!

Sweet Allie 

Daddy played a little softball. 

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