Eleanor's K2 graduation

My big girl is growing up so fast!  On May 18th we celebrated her K2 graduation.  Daddy and Mommy were both there to celebrate with our Itsy Bitsy.  She has learned so much and grown so much this year with the help of her outstanding teachers, Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Becky.  Eleanor loved her teachers and would talk about them at home often.  You know your child is well taken care of when she comes home and talks about how much she loves her teachers and how much they love her.  I am blessed to be able to leave her in the hands of people who love her so much. 

Eleanor's graduation ceremony was a little bittersweet.  I really had to try hard to fight back the tears.  She has grown and changed so much this past year.  This was the first year that she has had a set curriculum where she has learned her ABC's, how to count objects up to 20, how to count by 2's, how to count on from 2.  She has also learned her shapes and numbers, how to use scissors to cut objects, how to write some of her letters, and how to share and be kind to others among many other social skills.  Eleanor is also doing very well with "reading" environmental print.  She can read McDonald's, Walmart, Target, Disney, Ariel, Publix, Cheetos, Mickey Mouse, and others.  She can also read her name and some basic sight words like yes and no.  She loves retelling her stories in her own words and often prefers her version of the story over the real story.  She has quite the imagination!

Both of her teachers brag on how well-behaved she is and how she is always caring for others and checking on them if they get hurt.  They have told me many times how she always cleans up any mess she might make and cleans up after others when they do not do their share.  She is definitely the big helper/mommy of her class.  It makes me one proud mommy to know that she is learning to be responsible and kind.

She gets along great with her classmates and is always willing to share.  She has never been the type of child to quarrel with others.  She has always been really laid back and easy to get along with.  Her teachers have told me that she often demonstrates a level of maturity when interacting with her peers. Often times in between activities her teachers would find her sitting alone "reading" a book or putting together a puzzle while others might be getting into mischief.   She avoids controversy and is able to easily resolve conflict even if it means that she has to give up something she really wants.  She is able to complete activites with ease and is able to sustain her attention for very long periods of time given her age.  She has such a sweet gentle spirit and is such a loving and giving child.  She brings so much joy to everyone who knows her! 

Way to go Eleanor!  We are so proud of you!

Just being silly......... 

Eleanor's class. 

Mrs. Jamie, the program director, giving Eleanor her diploma. 
She is a very special lady that loves the Lord and loves our children.
Getting a squeeze from her friend Brooklyn. 
Mrs. Becky
Mrs. Kay 

K2 will wear you out! 

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