A Home for the Holidays

We were blessed with a new home for Christmas!  Chris, Eleanor, and I have settled in to our new home and we love it!  After a week of sleepless nights, Eleanor is now sleeping in her "big girl" bedroom.  This took some compromise for both she and I.  I explained that she had to sleep in her room and she decided that if she had to sleep in her room she would sleep on a palette on the floor. Mommy thinks this is just fine as long as she is sleeping well in her own room.  Not sure what we will do when her pink Christmas tree is taken out of her room (I think this is mainly why she insists on sleeping on the floor), but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Bella is doing exceptionaly well with her doggie door allowing her to play tirelessly in a big fenced backyard.  It is hilarious to see her get through the doggie door with her little back legs.  I often find her sunbathing on the back deck.  She has also made "friends" with a couple of neighborhood cats.  Not really.  She hates them with a passion but Eleanor loves them so we keep feeding them.  They visit us every night before bed.

Eleanor has also been through the doggie door.  I recently found her sitting on the back swing waving, saying, " Momma  I swinging, sit down ." Gotta keep an eye on that kid!

Mommy is enjoying decorating and taking walks around the neighborhood!  Daddy is very excited about having basically the entire downstairs to himself for piddling and what not.  Eleanor is enjoying her new playroom and "adopted" cats. 

We are truly blessed and very thankful!
Here are a few pics of our new house...
 Covered portion of the back porch
 Dining room
 Master bedroom
 Master bath
 Bella's bed
 Living room
 Old windows from Mark and Susan's

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