Chris and I are officially homeowners!!! Yep, we sold our land and bought a house!  Chris and I both feel truly blessed and see God's handprint in everything about this situation.  It was no accident that he changed our hearts and lead us down a different path- one even better than we imagined!  Don't you just love when He does that?!!!

On Wednesday, November 30th 2011 we closed on our first home.  The current homeowners are moving to Auburn to be near their children and grandchildren due to the husband's medical condition.  They were super nice and had nothing but excellent things to say about the house, neighborhood, and neighbors.  In fact, they said they would miss their neighbors the most.  This was great to hear considering that was the only unknown variable in buying this house.  We will be moving in by December 16th at the latest, but possibly a few days earlier.

Chris and I look forward to many happy years in our new home.
(Pics to come!)

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