A great day at the ZOO!

Mommy is getting in all the Eleanor time she can before school starts. 

Eleanor and I spent the day at The Birmingham Zoo, just she and I.  What was forecasted to be a rainy, yucky day turned into a cool, perfect day for the zoo.  It was so nice to feel 70 degree temperatures outside again.  The threat of severe weather must have scared away the crowds because we mostly had the park to ourselves, which was VERY nice.  We had a very "laid-back, take -it-easy" kinda day.  No rush, just her and I spending time together.  It. Was. Wonderful.

Playing chess...She was only interested in the horse pieces.

Finding Nemo......
Mommy: "Eleanor, do you see Nemo."
Eleanor:  "Uh-Huh".
Mommy: "Where is he?"
Eleanor: "Right there."
 (pointing to dead fish on bottom).

Eleanor was not a big fan of the black swan. 
 One got a little too close for comfort.  She did enjoy the 5 turtles that came up though.


Eleanor's "chickens" a.k.a. Flamingoes

Petting her first goat!

I think this one was her favorite!

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