Tinkerbell Camp 2011

My niece, Allie, participated in a "Tinkerbell Camp" with Westwood Ballet. She has been taking ballet with them this past year and has LOVED it!  This summer they put on a camp for girls 4-8 at our church, North Highlands Baptist. The ballet company is a ministry of Westwood Baptist Church.

Eleanor was mesmirized as the girls performed the dances they learned this week at camp.  There were 19 girls that participated in the camp and they did an amazing job.  They all looked so cute in their Tinkerbell costumes!  After the dance, Eleanor took Allie's wand and headed for the stage.  Luckily, the show was over and people were starting to leave.  Once on stage she started twirling her wand and mimicing the movements that the girls had made.  IT WAS PRECIOUS!  She was so serious about it too!  I know that she would love to take dance, but sadly she isn't old enough yet.  She would be so good at it!

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