Panama City Beach 2011 {Fun in the Ocean and Pool}

Eleanor was not a fan of the sand this year!  She absolutely loved the ocean and pool though!  She is a little fish!  She would spin her little float around in circles and lay back relaxing on her float. SHE LOVES TO SWIM!  She is quite the little swimmer.  I was very surprised at how well she is swimming with her Puddle Jumper.  She did not want to be held and insisted on swimming by herself without any assistance.  She was swimming all over the pool by herself.  You can tell that she really enjoys that freedom.  Quite a few people told us that they were surprised at how well she could swim to be so little. 

She was a little social butterfly this trip as well.  She never met a stranger and befriended any little kid that came her way.  She would swim up to people in the pool and say, "hey", in her sweet little voice and of course they would start talking to her.  There was one teenager that was laying on her back on a long float and Eleanor just swam over and tried to put her feet right next to hers on her float.  She had everyone cracking up over that.

What's the hold up?  I'm ready to go to the pool!

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