Vacation Bible School 2011

Chris, Eleanor, and I had a blast at our church's Vacation Bible School.  The theme this year was "Big Apple Adventure".  Chris did an amazing job transforming our classroom into New York's Central Park.  We had the kindergarteners this year and they loved our room and thought it was the coolest room to be in.  Big thanks to my friend Marie for helping us!

I love our church's preschool department.  They had crafts, music, and bible story time for  Eleanor's class.  She of course loved the music time and loved dancing to the music.  She also sat very patient and still on the rug as Michael taught their daily lessons.  Eleanor has really enjoyed coming to church every day and seeing her little friends.  I love to hear her say Jesus.  I pray that she learns to trust in Him and grow in Him as she gets older.  I know that he has an awesome plan for her.

On Friday night the kids performed the songs that they had learned throughout the week.  Eleanor's class sang one song, " Show me what you can do".  She was a little nervous performing for the first time in front of the congregation, but she did a great job!

Can you touch your nose while you wiggle your toes?
 Can you pat your knees while your trying to sneeze?

All of the kids ages 5 to 12.

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