When Daddy's away......

.....................................the girls will play!
Due to the snow and ice, Mommy had four snow days off from school to spend with Itsy Bitsy.  We had a BLAST-like always!  Sunday night Eleanor and I made a palette in the floor and watched Beauty and the Beast.  On Monday we had about one-two inches of snow on the ground.  We played in the snow and sledded down Nana and Papa's front yard.  By day 2 we wanted to get out of the house a little so we met Leslie and Allie at "Amigos"(our favorite Mexican Restaurant) and took a short trip to Walmart.  On Day 3 we picked up Grandma and met Allie and Leslie at Chik-Fil-A and let the girls play in the playplace.   It doesn't matter to me if I have to make these days up in the summer I am happy to have spent this time with my little girl.  Here are a few pics of our fun filled snow days.

Disney movie night and silly time with Mommy. 

Eleanor loved watching Beauty and the Beast. 
She did crawl up in my lap when the Beast got mad and roared loudly.

 Fun in the snow

Playtime @Chik- Fil-A

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